Thursday, April 21, 2011

Task, Call In, Regular...

Alright so nothing really interesting has happened the past few days at Hollister. Unless you think that old women yelling at you over the phone and in person is exciting! This lady called and would not speak up, and you know Hollister is loud! So when you call and talk softly it's hard to hear. She finally yelled at me "WHICH MALL ENTRANCE IS CLOSEST TO HOLLISTER???" Well ma'am when you yell at me like that it doesn't make me want to tell you. But I was nice anyways because "the customer is always right"! I tried explaining to her the closest would be either walk through Dillards or Macy's to get to the normal part of the mall, then walk to Hollister. I couldn't explain to her this other entrance because it's too confusing! So I kept telling her the same thing and she wouldn't accept it, so she finally hung up on me! Oh well I tried, right? So later on that day this woman saw that the shirts below the table of shorts had a sign that said 50% off. She asked me if the shorts were also. I explained to her very patiently that it was only the shirts and I apologized, even though it's not my fault. So she turns around a snaps "Well you need to change the sign because that's false advertisement!" Well actually it's not because the sign wasn't on the table with the shorts it was on the cot below that will the shirts. I let her vent on me and walked away when she was through. If you come into Hollister and don't like the way something is set up, don't blame the managers or models. We don't choose the way we want to set up the store, home office does. We don't tell them maybe we can put this sign here and trick them into thinking that all of these items are on sale! That'll get 'em! No we don't do that, so DON'T GET MAD AT US!!!  Please :).

Alright so what I've been doing the past few days is a task shift. That just means I come in and work on updating the store, changing things around, or just making sure the store looks nice. I don't do the register or get stuck in Betty's 1. So when we get new shipments we take certain things on the sales floor and move them so we can place the new items there. That's what I've been doing, oh and auditing which is just stock, and dressing manaquins which is harder because they have to look perfect and sometimes those things can be heavy! So yeah nothing exciting. Waking up to go to the mall to work 4 hours before it even opens! NOT FUN! I wish something interesting could happen so I could share it with you though! My luck I finally start and blog and nothing happens! Oh well that's all I have to say it's 10:30 I'm tired and ready to go to bed. So night! Have an amazing day, or night (depending on when you're reading this)! Bye! :)

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